Good news! 2023 New Honor of Zhejiang Jiangnan

Good news! Zhejiang Jiangnan has been awarded the second batch of "Zhejiang Special New Small and Medium-sized Enterprises" in 2023.

Recently, according to the requirements of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, "Interim Measures for the management of gradient cultivation of high-quality small and medium-sized enterprises" (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Enterprise (2022) No. 63) and "Notice of Zhejiang Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology on Issuing Implementation Rules for the gradient Cultivation Management of high-quality smes in Zhejiang Province (Interim)" (Zhejiang Jingxin Enterprise (2022) No. 197), Zhejiang Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology organized the identification of the second batch of provincial specialized and special new smes in 2023, and Zhejiang Jiangnan Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd. was identified as "Specialized and special new smes in Zhejiang Province".

Since the establishment of the company, Zhejiang Jiangnan has three products listed in the national key new products, one product has been listed in the national torch plan project, one product has been listed in the national spark plan project.

Our company has 61 national patents, including 10 invention patents; The company is one of the main drafting units of the national industry standard JB/T 10169-2014 "Blister packaging machine", and presided over the drafting of the Zhejiang manufacturing group standard T/ZBB 1192-2019 "Drum perforated coating unit", in January 2022 to obtain high-speed blister packaging and automatic box linkage production line and drum perforated coating unit of Zhejiang manufactured goods label product certification. In November 2023, Zhejiang Jiangnan high-speed softgel encapsulation machine has been selected into the Wenzhou equipment manufacturing industry key areas of the first equipment approval list.

In the future, Zhejiang Jiangnan will continue to adhere to the direction of professional development, focus on casting expertise, to support strong industries, to win the market with innovation, and grow together with customers.