In July 1997, Ruian Jiangnan Pharmaceutical Machinery Factory was established in Jinzishan Road, Ruian City, with registered capital of 500,000 yuan.
In May 1999,Ruian Jiangnan is moved from Jinzishan Road to Shangbu Village nnd be renamed Zhejiang Jiangnan Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd. ,with registered capital increased to 2,000,000 yuan.
In December 2003,Jiangnan was rated as the Small And Medium-sized ,Science And Technology Enterprises. In the same year,it was rated as “AAA Grade Credit Unit” by CCB (China Construction Bank).
In April 2004,our company built modern standard factory on 13 acres of land in the Economic Development Zone.In December, it was identified as Provincial High-Tech Enterprise and was identified as Two-Star Enterprise by Ruian municipal government.
In December 2005, Jiangnan was rated as China's Most Potential Development Of The Top 100 Enterprises in 2005, with registered capital increased to 5,000,000 yuan.
In December 2006,Jiangnan got honor of Wenzhou Patent Demonstration Enterprises and won the honorary title of the 2006 Ruian City Top 100 Advantages Of Growth Enterprises.
In January, 2008,Zhejiang Jiangnan Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd. increased registered capacity to 10 million yuan. In February, it passed Quality Management System Certification Standard of GB/T19001-2000,ISO9001-2000. In July, it was moved into a 1400㎡ modern standard workshop in Economic development zone. In November,Jiangnan was accredited as National New and Hi-tech Enterprise, becoming the First Batch Of New High-Tech Enterprises in Ruian.In December, it was rated as a Leading Enterprise.
In May, 2009,Jiangnan obtained Ruian Safety Production Standardized Machinery Manufacturing Enterprise Certificate.
In 2010,Jiangnan won Ruian Science and Technology Progress Award.In October, Jiangnan was identified as Zhejiang Enterprise Trust AA Grade Unit which abides Contract And Pays Attention To Credit.
In November, 2011,it was Center of Zhejiang Jiangnan Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd. That was rate as Wenzhou Enterprise Technology Research and Development Center.
In November 2012, it was named Zhejiang Patent Demonstration Enterprises;in December, it got honor as Wenzhou Famous Trademarks .
In January 2013,Jiangnan obtained Certificate of Metering and Detecting System; in June it obtained Good Standardizing Practice Certificate; in December,it won the title of Annual Industrial Star Enterprise and was successfully listed on Innovation Enterprise Market Of Zhejiang Equity Trading Center.
In January 2014, Jiangnan won Provincial Famous Trademark;in February it won the Annual Ruian Star Enterprise;in September it was re-identified as International High - Tech Enterprises.
In August 2015, Jiangnan passed the Zhejiang Patent Demonstration Enterprises review, in September it was rated as the Provincial High - Tech Enterprise Research And Development Center ,and Jiangnan passed the review of the Wenzhou Patent Demonstration Enterprises. In October, we were rated as National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise. In November, Jiangnan won the first prize of 2015 Ruian Science and Technology Progress Award , in December we obtained Intellectual Property Management System Certification and 2005 National Torch Program Certificate.
In March 2016 ,Jiangnan passed Initiation of the 2016 Annual Science and Technology Innovation Project. In July,Jiangnan won Standardized Good Behavior AA Grade Certificate
In September , Jiangnan Was identified Zhejiang AAA Grade "Comply The Contract And Pay Attention To Credit Unit" enterprises and won the second prize of the 2016 Wenzhou City Science and Technology Progress Award. In October we obtained 4 the Provincial Identification Product Certificate.
In January 2017, Jiangnan continued the honor of the Zhejiang Famous Trademark .
In May, Jiangnan passed 1SO9001 Quality Management System Certification.
June through the national science and technology small and medium-sized enterprises
In July, it passed the review of Zhejiang patent demonstration enterprise
In August, it passed the review of national intellectual property advantage enterprises
Passed provincial intellectual property standards in November
In December, the efficient intelligent perforated coating unit was selected into the * Zhejiang Manufacturing "standard plan
In December, the software copyright was declared and approved
In March, the Zhejiang manufacturing group standard of "Efficient intelligent coating machine" was formulated.
In May, the photovoltaic power generation project on the roof of the workshop passed the acceptance of Ruian Development and Reform Commission
In August, DH-260 aluminum-plastic blister molding and packing hard linkage machine passed the acceptance of Ruian Science and technology plan project
In October, BG-600 dual-channel segmented high-tech intelligent coating machine was approved by Ruian Science and Technology Plan project
In July, we obtained the new ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification
In August, it passed the re-evaluation of Zhejiang AAA-level "Abide by contract and emphasize credit" enterprise
In September, the registered capital of the company increased to 21.6 million yuan
In November, it passed the national high-tech enterprise review
March passed the ISO9001 quality management system revision
In November, we obtained ISO14001 environmental management system and ISO45001 Occupational Health and safety management system certification.
In January, we obtained the Zhejiang Manufactured products label product certification of high-speed blister packaging and automatic packing production line and drum type perforated coating unit.
In December, the company was re-evaluated by Zhejiang Province AAA level "Keep contract and credit" company.
In March, Ruian City won the invention patent industrialization award
In July, we obtained the new ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification