New chapter of school-enterprise cooperation - Zhejiang Jiangnan warmly welcomes the first batch of college students with internship and new employee training base mentoring and apprentice pairing activities

On August 12, 2023, Zhejiang Jiangnan Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., LTD. 's "New employee Training base master and Apprentice pair activity" was successfully held.

Zhejiang Jiangnan Pharmaceutical Machinery Company was founded in 1997, is a collection of pharmaceutical machinery, packaging machinery, food machinery research and development, manufacturing, sales and service in one of the science and technology of small and medium-sized enterprises.

In 2008, Our company was rated as a national high-tech enterprise, and successively won the honorary titles of National intellectual property advantage Enterprise, Zhejiang Patent Demonstration Enterprise, Zhejiang famous trademark, Zhejiang AAA level contract and credit unit, Wenzhou famous brand product, industry leading enterprise, Wenzhou "Top 100 Honest Enterprise", Wenzhou Star Enterprise and so on.

In addition, the company has three products listed in the national key new products, has 57 national patents and obtained the Zhejiang manufactured goods label product certification and ISO9001 quality management system certification review.

Zhejiang Jiangnan company people adhere to the "professional, dedicated, pragmatic, innovative" development concept, "work together, diligent, pioneering and innovative, to create high-quality products" in our machinery industry in southern Zhejiang set up a monument of not falling. Now we are once again challenging ourselves to prepare for the listing of our company in Hong Kong. Chairman Yang Song of our company pays special attention to the company's detailed management, standardized management, team building and talent training, and strives to build an off-campus practice education base for college students. Zhejiang Jiangnan strives to provide students with valuable practice opportunities and the guidance of professional business mentors.

Zhejiang Jiangnan has the opportunity to cooperate with Zhejiang Security Vocational and Technical College, and the first batch of interns settled in our company to study and work. We sincerely hope that the mentors and apprentices can keep their duties, unite together, and make efforts to promote the new employees to rapidly improve their professional literacy and basic skills, and create a high-quality staff of our company. We hope this intern can improve their professional skills, develop teamwork and problem-solving skills, and lay a solid foundation for future life experiences.

Zhejiang Security Vocational and Technical College intern students at work