Warmly welcome Ruian City leaders to visit our company to research and guide the work

On the afternoon of August 2, 2023, Lin Zheng Hong, Standing Committee member of Ruian Municipal Committee and vice Mayor of Ruian City, accompanied by leaders of the Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology, the Municipal Bureau of Statistics, and the Municipal Tax Bureau, visit Zhejiang Jiangnan Pharmaceutical Machinery Co.,Ltd for research and guidance. Chairman Yang Song warmly receives Vice Mayor Lin's visit.

When Vice Mayor Lin and other leaders visit the production and assembly workshop of our company, they deeply communicate with Chairman Yang Song to discuss the status and development prospects of pharmaceutical packaging machinery related industries, which pointed out the direction for our company, so that our company boldly explored, innovated and accelerated the pace of development.

In the subsequent discussion, Chairman Yang Song briefs the leaders on the production and operation of Zhejiang Jiangnan Pharmaceutical Machinery Co.,Ltd this year, the development of the market, and the plan to use the capital market to become bigger and stronger.

Vice Mayor Lin is very happy to hear that production and sales of Zhejiang Jiangnan this year have been increased by more than 30% , remarkable achievements, pharmaceutical packaging machinery and other life and health industry are very promising. He hopes that Zhejiang Jiangnan will make real moves, do practical things, make good use of the capital market, and explore more possibilities for development. He encourage the leaders of Zhejiang Jiangnan Company to lead the majority of cadres and employees to work hard and make greater contributions to the economic development of Ruian.