What are the problems in the operation of the coating machine?

How does the coating machine operate? What problems should be paid attention to in the operation of the coating machine? How do you stop these problems? Let's take a look at it with the coating machine manufacturer!

1, sticky sheet: mainly due to the spray amount is too fast, which violates the principle of solvent evaporation balance and makes the sheet adhere to each other. In this case, the spraying amount of coating liquid should be appropriately reduced, the hot air temperature should be increased, and the speed of the pan should be accelerated.

2, appear; Orange peel; Film: Mainly due to improper drying, low spray pressure of coating liquid, resulting in uneven concentration of droplets sprayed by heat, resulting in film ripple. In this case, the evaporation rate should be controlled immediately and the spray pressure should be increased.

3.; To build Bridges; : refers to the coating on the lettering tablet causing the logo to blur. The solution is to slow down the coating spray speed, reduce the drying temperature, and pay attention to controlling the hot air temperature coating machine.

4, the appearance of stains: this situation is due to the mixing of coating liquid or solid characteristics of the fineness is not enough caused by. The solution is: the coating solution should be fully stirred when the coating machine.

5, the tablet surface or edge coating film cracks, cracks, peeling or tablet edge wear: if the coating liquid solid content is not selected properly, the coating machine speed is too fast, the spray amount is too small caused, you should choose the appropriate coating liquid solid content, and adjust the speed and spray amount appropriately; If the hardness of the core is too poor, the formula and process of the core should be improved.