Integrated high efficiency coating machine

Coating pan Specification:

Coating pan diameter 12” (300mm)
15”(380mm) 19”(480mm)
Mouth diameter 6”(150mm) 6”(150mm) 8”(200mm)
Working ability 1L/ pot 3L/ pot 5L/ pot
Mixing baffle four-way four-way four-way
Bed depth 3” (75mm) 4.5 "(115 mm) 5.5 "(140mm)

Main technology Parameters:

Model number BG5H
Loading capacity 5L
Cartridge speed (RPM) 1-30RPM
Main engine power 0.37 Kw
Coating drum diameter Φ 480 mm
Exhaust cabinet motor power 1.1 Kw
Exhaust fan flow 2500m3/h
Hot air cabinet motor power 0.25 Kw
Fan flow 504m3/h
Main engine weight 750Kg
Steam heating
Electric heating 10Kw
Main engine size 1300X900X1600
Size of the hot air filter cabinet 1300X900X1600
Dimensions of dust removal exhaust fan 1300X900X1600