Efficient intelligent coating unit

Overview :
The product was included in the "Zhejiang Province science and technology spark project ", passed the provincial new product technical appraisal, was recommended as" Zhejiang Province famous science and technology products ", was listed as "national key new products" by the Ministry of Science and Technology, was rated as "Wenzhou famous brand products ", and passed the EU CE standard certification. This machine is used in pharmaceutical, food, biological products and other fields, can be used for a variety of tablets, pills, candy and other coated organic film, water soluble film (in the drug side can achieve slow, controlled release) and sugar coating, has the advantages of beautiful machine, high efficiency, low energy consumption, small area and so on. There is no dust flying and no slurry splashing during the coating process, which improves the working environment and reduces the cross contamination of tablets. Tablet coating process is simple, greatly shorten the coating time, improve production efficiency. Using a new microcomputer temperature and negative pressure module control system, touch screen graphic display and control, with programmable function, can automatically adjust flow, negative pressure, air intake, air exhaust, temperature, speed and other most of the process parameters, so that the position operation method (SOP) writing digital, with the same technical parameters to produce different batches of goods. Ensure the coating quality of each batch of materials. And increase the data storage and printing function: automatic icing, film more than a dozen programs, and modify at any time during operation; It can be equipped with printing device according to customer requirements, so that the process parameters and process flow of each batch of production can be truthfully recorded. Users can enter the batch number, drug code and other records according to their needs.