Multi-function automatic packing machine

Main function :
Manual automatic folding transport (1-4 fold); Automatic material sorting and feeding; Automatic carton expansion, manual, material automatic packing; Synchronous batch number (three rows); Carton automatic sealing; Automatic rejection. It is suitable for automatic packing of aluminum plastic blister plate, injection tray, bottle, ointment and rectangular or flake articles.

Performance Characteristics:
■ The whole machine continuous mechanical push material packing, each actuator action coordination, stable and reliable.
■ The push-plate device is equipped with the alarm and shutdown system of the product into the box is not in place, which effectively ensures the quality of the goods in the box and the safe operation of the mechanism.
■ Continuous motion box opening system and open box opening mechanism are more stable and reliable. .
■ Servo feeding mechanism is stable and reliable.
■ Pneumatic and vacuum protection stop system, door cover open automatic detection stop device, to ensure the safety of the operation of the machine.
■ Through the dial handwheel can be very simple and fast product size change adjustment. Variable frequency speed regulation, PLC automatic control, touch screen operation, simple operation, stable system operation.
■ Main drive overload protection, fault diagnosis prompt, fault automatic shutdown.

Main technical parameters
Model number ZH-220 ZH-320 ZH-450
Packing speed ≤220 boxes /min (Box/min) ≤320 boxes /min (Box/min) ≤450 boxes /min (Box/min)
Quality requirement 250-350g/m2 280-350g/m2 280-350g/m2
Size range (70-220)X (35-135)X (15 -85)mm (70-180)X (35-85)X (15-65)mm (70-180)X (35-80)X (15-50)mm
Quality requirement 60-80g/m2 60-80g/m2 60-80g/m2
Open size range (1-4 folds) (90-250)X (90-180)mm (90-250)X (90-180)mm (90-250)X (90-180)mm
Compressed air ≥0.3m3/min 0.6mpa ≥0.3m3/min 0.6mpa ≥0.3m3/min 0.6mpa
Main motor power 2.2kw 380V 50HZ 2.2kw 380V 50HZ 3.2kw 380V 50HZ
Overall dimension 4700 X 1550 X 1700mm 4200 X 1550 X 1700mm 4500 X 1550 X 1700mm
Net weight of whole machine 3000kg 3000kg 3500kg