High speed roller plate aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine

This machine is suitable for capsules, tablets and other conventional drugs, but also can be used in milk tablets, lozenges, chewing gum, chocolate beans and other products automatic high-speed blister packaging. Adopts flat plate positive pressing forming, PVC blister shape is expanded evenly; Roller mesh line seal, beautiful appearance and reliable sealing effect; Batch number adopts easy to change design, which is convenient to change daily under the premise of ensuring the effect; Blanking station can be designed for ordinary blanking or micro-edge blanking and boundless blanking mode, which can greatly save material cost, reduce labor cost and material cost to a minimum, and greatly improve the production efficiency of enterprises.

High-speed aluminum-plastic blister packing machine adopts servo bow | mechanical transmission design, with high degree of automation, fast replacement parts and working mode, low failure rate. It can realize the perfect match and docking with the machine such as the box filling machine, and meet the packaging requirements of various versions and various lines.

Machine type DPH260 DPH350
Productive capacity Aluminum /plastic :  60-150/min Aluminum (AL/AL): 40-80/min
Maximum wire speed of packaging material 20m/min 22m/min
Maximum forming depth 12mm 12mm
Maximum molding area 260X250mm 350X230mm
Maximum width of packing material 260mm 350mm
Maximum feed length 250mm 230mm
Maximum punching length 120mm 120mm
Power source AC380V/ Three-phase /50Hz 1 8kw/h AC380V/ Three-phase /50Hz 20kw/h
stress 0.6MPa 0.6MPa
Air consumption < 12 m3/h < 16 m3h
temperature 15-18°C 15-18°C
Water consumption 0.08 m3/h < 0.1 m3h
Overall dimension 3860X1135X1725mm 4600X1380X1930mm
weight It is About 3000kg It's About 3500kg