Fast aluminum/plastic (aluminum/aluminum) blister packaging machine

Use :

The machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation and mechanical, electrical, optical, gas-body control technology, in strict accordance with the pharmaceutical industry "GMP" standard requirements for innovation and transformation, the machine advanced function, simple operation, high output, is a large and medium-sized pharmaceutical enterprises, health products and food industry ideal packaging equipment.

Performance Characteristics :
■ Adopt high-end PLC control, touch screen operation, Chinese and English digital display, frequency conversion speed regulation, servo traction, traction length within the traction size range can be adjusted on the touch screen;
■ With heating temperature control detection, host overload protection, PVC and PTP packaging material level detection, charging storage bin level detection control, automatic fault diagnosis alarm, automatic stop protection functions;
■ The machine station modular horizontal design structure, good visibility, making the operation more safe and convenient; Contact heating, positive pressure forming, air cushion heat seal male and female mesh, pattern matching can make the product packaging more excellent;
■ Mold rectangular design, trapezoidal positioning, easy and quick replacement, all parts in contact with drugs are made of high-quality stainless steel and high-quality aluminum alloy material carefully, high-grade surface treatment process, the texture is sudden; Orderly output of finished products, automatic collection of defective products, and equipped with automatic waste reel mechanism, waste collection easily;
■ The machine adopts split connection design, easy to enter the elevator, workshop.

Main technology Parameters:

item DPP -260K DPP-260H
Blanking frequency Aluminum /Plastic (AL/Plastic) 20-80 Times 1 Min (Times/Min) Aluminum /Plastic (AL/Plastic) 20-60 Times/Min (Times/Min)
Aluminum/Aluminum (AI/AI) 15-30 Times/Min (Times/Min)
Maximum forming depth Aluminum /Plastic 25mm AL/Plastic 25mm Aluminum/Aluminum 18mm AI/AI 18mm (Made To Order)
Adjustable range of travel 30-120 mm (can be customized Made to Order 30-140 mm)
Clean compressed air Pressure (Pressure) 0.6-0.8 mpa
Air consumption (air compressor) 0.25-0.5m/min(Self Prepared)
Power supply and total power 380V 50HZ 1 0Kw
Overall dimension 4775x760x1620cm(Can Be Separate Package)
Machine weight 2088Kg