Ampoule/Xilin bottle automatic blister packaging production line

Use :
This machine is specially used for the mixed outer packing of single ampoule bottle and single xillin bottle. The whole machine consists of plastic molding, ampoule bottle feeding, Xieling bottle feeding, heat sealing, punching, box filling. Controlled by PLC, advanced self-test function, automatic identification of broken bubble cap, missing bottles, missing instructions and empty box detection memory, and 100% of waste products can be eliminated, and can realize the automatic storage of medicine bottles, automatic packaging of instructions and other functions.

Main technical parameters:

Productive capacity ≤20-25 times/min (aluminum-plastic packaging machine)≤220 boxes/min (packing machine)
Maximum molding area and depth Aluminum plastic (AL/PVC):250X 110X 22mm Aluminum (AL/AL):250X 110X 18mm
Carton size range (80-150) X (40-90) X (15-40)mm
Specification size range (130-240)X (100-180)mm
Carton material 250-350g/m2
Manual material 60-80g/m2
Power Supply/Total power 380V 50HZ 14. 5KW
Compressed air pressure/total air consumption 0.6-0.8Mpa≥ 0.8m %/min
Machine weight 4500Kg
Material filling rate 99% or higher
Box yield 99% or higher