Blister/box packing machine

Performance Characteristics:

Germany Siemens motion control system (optional), touch screen human-machine interface.
■ It has overload protection and monitoring system of all system components, automatic temperature control system, shortage shutdown and preparation system, material control monitoring, fault recording and position display system, automatic protection shutdown and alarm system. Thanks to the high integration of the system, various personalized functions can quickly achieve stable operation.
■ The whole machine is based on modular design. Each station is an independent and cooperative body, and the functions of each station are not the same, which can easily determine the fault point and rapid maintenance.
■ Mold adopts quick installation mode, and each type of mold adopts the same size installation hole position. Parts that need to be updated frequently, such as steel plates, are optimized and only need to be disassembled with a single tool. The part of the contact with the drug is strictly in accordance with the national standard or higher than the national standard material.
The whole machine adopts the split design, the wire and cable and the water and gas path are adopted quick joint and make the docking mark.

Plane diagram:

Main technical parameters:

Total power of supply 380V 50Hz 25Kw
Air pump capacity 0.25m3/min (Self Prepared) Pressure: 0.6-0.8Mpa
Overall dimension 14800x1200x1740mm can be split, including the height of the foot
Net weight

DPP-300K Blister machine
Blanking frequency (standard) Aluminum plastic AL/PVC: 150 cuts/min Max Aluminum Aluminum AL/AL: 40-80 cuts/min Max
Maximum molding area and depth Aluminum /PVC: 350x260x12mm ALAL: 350x260x12mm
Packaging material Non-toxic PVC hard sheet (0.15-0.4)x350x(medium 600)mm
Heat seal aluminum foil (0.02-0.15)x360x(medium 300)mm
Aluminum foil (0.16-0.2)x350x(medium 600)mm
Heat sealing dialysis paper (50-100)g/max360x(300)mm

ZH-450 Packing machine
Packing speed ≤400 boxes /min Box/min
Quality requirements (Cartons) 250-350g/m2(subject to availability)
Size range (carton) (90-160)x (35-80)x(15-50)mm
Quality requirements (Instructions) 70-80g/m2(subject to availability)
Open size range (manual) (90-250)x(90-180)mm(L x W)