Bubble cover/pillow type/boxing/boxing integrated machine

Performance Characteristics:
■ Visual design of tempered glass, easy to observe the working state and maintenance of the machine; The machine enters the stop state when the shield is opened.
■ Movable man-machine interface, easy to debug; And there are multiple emergency stop buttons on the whole line.
■ The servo motion control system runs the whole line, and has a memory function, that is, stop, power off, without resetting equipment parameters, automatically record the last stop point position to continue running.
Mold positioning design, easy to replace fast.
■ Blister section buffer design to reduce blister shrinkage.
■ Air and water integrated cooling station.
■ Scrap is chopped and discharged without stopping for collection.
■ Hard connection of upstream and downstream equipment, continuous feeding, the number of various plate pillow bags can be set on the touch screen.

Plane diagram:

Main technical parameters:

Total power of supply 380V 50Hz 25Kw
Air pump capacity 20.25m3/min (Self Prepared) Pressure: 0.6-0.8Mpa
Overall dimension 14800x1200x1740mm can be split, including the height of the foot
Net weight

DPP-300K Blister machine
Blanking frequency (standard) Aluminum plastic AL/PVC: 150 cuts/min Max Aluminum Aluminum AL/AL: 90 ce/min Max
Maximum molding area and depth Aluminum /PVC: 200x300x15mm ALAL: 200x300x12mm
Packaging material Non-toxic PVC hard sheet (0.15-0.4)x310x(medium 600)mm
Heat seal aluminum foil (0.02-0.15)x310x(medium 300)mm
Aluminum foil (0.16-0.2)x310x(medium 600)mm
Heat seal dialysis paper (50-100)g/max310x(30)mm

ZH-450 Packing machine
Packing speed ≤450 boxes /min Box/min
Quality requirements (Cartons) 250-350g/m2(subject to availability)
Size range (carton) (90-160)x (35-90)x(15-50)mm
Quality requirements (Instructions) 70-80g/m2(subject to availability)
Open size range (manual) (90-250)x(90-180)mm(L x W)